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Watch the rise and fall of space empires in this galaxy simulator Download Galimulator Mod in Games Simulation

Galimulator simulates the wars, revolutions, politics, research and various other bizarre events in a randomly generated galaxy. Watch as space empires endure epic struggles for power. You decide if you want to:

• Watch in Observer mode
• Play around freely in Sandbox mode
• Take control in Emperor mode

Empires will:
• Wage war to conquer more stars
• Build ships to fight and do other strange things
• Encounter strange space monsters
• Venture out on intergalactic quests
• Research new technology
• Switch politics between expansion, fortification and more
• Build powerful (or useless) artifacts in space
• Transcend to unimaginable hyperbliss

Ultimately they will go away, crushed by a stronger race, victims of internal strife, eaten by space monsters, or some other fate. But new ones will take their place. It's the hypercircle of interstellar life in space.

In Emperor mode, you can control your own empire by using your Flagship to boost expansion and defense, build and control your ships, and manage your Spy network.

In Sandbox mode, you have full freedom to do pretty much what you want. Make empires degenerate, throw meteors at them, etc.

Or you can just observe, like an aquarium, except with interstellar space empires instead of fish.

Windows and Linux versions are also available now at:
link Link is Here

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Download Galimulator Mod

You Can Download Galimulator Mod from this links :

android Download APK vVaries with device Direct shop Get on Google Play update Versions valiables

What is new in version Varies with device

* Natives added to certain systems, will allow empires to constructs their ships
* Vassalization of empires
* Highlighting of ship paths when selecting ships
* Blacklist empire specials
* New galaxy types: Solar system and Spaghetti
* Sped up pathfinding a lot, so (especially bigger) galaxies should lag less when there are lots of ships
* Railgun weapon added
* Lots of bugs fixed and