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Islamic Prayer Time for Muslim with Accurate Qibla Direction, Salat & Azan Alarm Download Prayer Time 360- مواقيت الصلاة Apk in Apps Lifestyle

The most demanding application for Muslims to perform sunnah and obligatory tasks are Islamic Prayer Times and Qibla compass. All namaz alarms clock is a finder of Islamic Adan timings and alerts with notifications for the timely offering of namaz. Adan app clock is a five-time prayer alerts free app with the voice of adan. Salat time is a complete guide for namaz, Adhan, next namaz timings display and timely accurate notifications for remaining time of next namaz.

Islamic prayers time finder estimates the salah time according to the current location and locates the right Qibla for namaz. Salam awkatkar is much important for musalam of each region so all Muslims prayer timer plus clock and alarms giver is really a beneficial Muslim pro to indicate Muslim Qibla.

Undoubted Prayer Times (اوقات الصلاة)
Salah times app is helpful for Muslim’s namaz offering. Islamic widget is devoted for
مواقيت الصلاة and all five times prayers fajar, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib and Eshaa and as well the additional salat like tehajud and others are a timely line up with perfect want, in current location clock by setting a complete Muslim namaz time table. Islamic Salah timer is a continuous alert of صلاةfor مسلم. Islamic namaz alerts are given to Muslim for not to forget نماز in the busy schedule. Namaz calendar 2019 is an errorless prayers timetable with namaz notifications and نمازalerts with correct وقت الصلاة.

Audio listening of Adhan in renown voices
Muslim نمازtimings are strict to be followed and when you are in the area if mosque is not available, all-time Islamic Muslims namaz and azan clock is automatically adjustable and upgraded with daily basis time changings moreover for azan timings it follows the sectarian classification and juristic aspects like the Adhan o salat with Fiqah e Hanafi, Shafi, Hambali, and Malki. At the exact time, the Muslim prayer timer plays audio of اذان in beautiful voices for a complete environment of spirituality.

Qibla Compass Oriented
Salat time Qibla locator that allocates accurate Qibla to offer نمازin right direction at any place. Namaz time watch shows Qibla compass and directional guidance for prayer as like a mosque.

Next Prayer Time Alert
Current time and remaining time for the next prayer is an additional part of Muslim namaz and Qibla compass because it is a notification based اذان نماز widget for daily alerts when you offer namaz fajr. it timely informs you about the next prayer time as per the rotation of sun and rise and fall of the day. Islamic Adan application sends an alert to keep us aware of the next prayer athan time.

Prayer Timing and Qibla on your Current Location
مواقيت الصلاةand Qibla finder searches for only your locational namaz timings and qiblas. It can be selectable as Islamic prayer time the UK, namaz watch and timetable for Pakistan, USA and all countries of the world. Free Islamic prayer timer and azan alarm contains the list of almost maximum countries and gives you open hand to choose the respective country where you are.

Easily turn Adhan Alarm On / Off
The اذان alarm is customized that can be easily set off when you don’t want and if there is need the Adhan alarm will again turn on.

Hijri Calendar 2019, Islamic Date and Month
Hijri date will be shown in the Islamic prayer and Qibla finder with the ability to display the name and number of Hijri month.

Weather Updates
Islamic prayers time and azan app is a weather forecasting system too to look around and make plans to go out with some safety steps.

Remaining Time Allocation
5 times Salah widget calculates every second of time and tells what is the current time when the next namaz would be and how much time is left to prepare ourselves for next namaz.

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