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33 small surah from the Holy Quran mostly needed to know for daily prayer. Download 33 Small Surah Bangla (৩৩টি ছো Apk in Apps Books & Reference

In this application 33 small surah with recitation (mp3), Arabic, Bangla pronunciation and Bangla-English meaning have been added. This app will also helpful for memorizing these surah easily.

List of Sura included-

1) Surah Al-Fatihah
2) Surah At-Takwir
3) Surah Al-Infitar
4) Surah Al-Inshiqaq
5) Surah Al-Buruj
6) Surah At-Tariq
7) Surah Al-A'la
8) Surah Al-Gashiya
9) Surah Al-Balad
10) Surah Ash-Shams
11) Surah Al-Lail
12) Surah Adh-Dhuha
13) Surah Al-Sharh
14) Surah At-Tin
15) Surah Al-Alaq
16) Surah Al-Qadr
17) Surah Al-Baiyina
18) Surah Al-Zalzalah
19) Surah Al-Adiyat
20) Surah Al-Qari'a
21) Surah At-Takathur
22) Surah Al-Asr
23) Surah Al-Humaza
24) Surah Al-Fil
25) Surah Quraish
26) Surah Al-Ma'un
27) Surah Al-Kauthar
28) Surah Al-Kafirun
29) Surah An-Nasr
30) Surah Al-Lahab
31) Surah Al-Ikhlas
32) Surah Al-Falaq
33) Surah Al-Nas

আশাকরি এই এ্যাপটি সকল মুসলিম ভাই-বোনদের ভালো লাগবে ও উপকারে আসবে। ধন্যবাদ।

Download 33 Small Surah Bangla (৩৩টি ছো Apk

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