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Bikini Bottom Minecraft Map - addon add SpongeBob map for survival with friends. Download Bikini Bottom Minecraft Map pro in Apps Tools

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? That's right, SpongeBob for Minecraft Pocket Edition! Characters of the legendary cartoon will unleash your survival with Map of Bikini Bottom. Friends will come to your world if you install on your mobile device addons called Maps Bikini Bottom Mods. You don't have to worry about water flooding all structures and biomes, because it won't happen. Just Bikini Bottom Minecraft Map will shape your virtual world by adding structures, objects and heroes Sponge Bob Mod there. An unforgettable adventure is already available in the addon, so we advise not to waste your time.

In addition to the main SpongeBob for Minecraft skin, there will also be his friends! Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and so on. Of course the negative mobs on Maps Bikini Bottom Mods are also present. They will try to mess up the addon adventure MCPE Bedrock and attack not only the civilians, but also the Bikini Bottom Minecraft Map user himself.

Characteristics of Map of Bikini Bottom:
Spawn in the natural environment of Pocket Edition.
They know how to bargain.
Can be tamed.
Eat famous crab link Link is Here
Water is not the only habitat.
They help the player maintain survival.
Jellyfish can provide interesting abilities.

If you deal with the jellyfish a little bit, the adventure becomes more interesting. These evil friends can sting you and do a little damage. But if you catch them, you can make an extraordinary jellyfish, which gives an unreal slow-down effect for a whole ten minutes. ♾ If you use a blue jellyfish instead of a normal jellyfish, the water becomes a natural habitat. You will be able to breathe at the bottom of the ocean Bikini Bottom Minecraft Map for ten minutes and not have to worry about your life.

Inventory that contains Sponge Bob Mod:
Colorful burgers that you can buy from Patrick, Crabz, or SpongeBob for Minecraft.
The legendary Map of Bikini Bottom paddle. It can do some pretty sick damage to the user's opponents.
Bubble blowing sticks.
Swap Socks. Found throughout the blocky world of MCPE Bedrock.
A jellyfish addon fishing net.
Machine in the form of a burger.

Addons will be useful additions, because boring MCPE Bedrock has been boring for a long time. Additions significantly change the familiar look of the space and allow gamers to expand their options. With Maps Bikini Bottom Mods survival becomes interesting and crafting becomes useful.

❗️Our team develops quality addons for Pocket Edition. The brand itself and the trademark is owned by Mojang ab. Sponge Bob Mod does not belong to it and is not official.

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