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All Muslim needs for prayer times, azkar, call to prayer, the Holy Quran, Qibla Download Prayer times, Quran and azan Apk in Apps Productivity

Why is Vmuslim of prayer times, Quran and Azkar is the best Islamic Application?
This program includes the best ideas that enable you to keep the prayer on time, read and publish daily part from the Holy Quran and increase knowledge for every Muslim through the best known Islamic books in a simple and easy way to continue reading and preserving the Islamic heritage, all this and more in a modern contemporary design for all ages.
VMuslim pro is the best Islamic application that includes all the prayer times that a Muslim needs to lisint the call to prayer every time so that you do not miss any prayers from noon, dawn, sunset and evening prayers, and alerts you to the next prayer and the remaining time for each prayer in addition to the Holy Quran with Arabic texts, interpretation and recitations. You can also listen to Each chapter of the Qur’an with the voice of your favorite Imam.
In addition to the most beautiful pictures and Islamic articles on everything related to the Muslim from questions and answers, and fatwas that include information for everything the Muslim needs in terms of azkar in the Muslim booklet such as Islam Question and Answer - the morning azkar and evening Doaa
You can also read the best islam books from Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Al-Nasa’i, Sunan Awi Dawood, Al-Arbaeen Al-Nawawi and other Islamic books and references that you can read and put a mark to save the page, reference, copy and paste and other features to facilitate the Muslims reading
In addition to pictures and videos of the most famous Muslim sheikhs in all the Islamic world from videos for all cases of Doaa for the sick and the prayer of Istikharah, pictures of congratulations for all occasions such as congratulations on marriage and congratulations for the new baby, and videos of the most beautiful voice of the Holy Qur’an to be shared in the morning and evening.

The Holy Quran :
The Holy Qur’an translated into French, Arabic, Urdu, বাংলা here and you can listen and download the entire Al Quran with the voice of the most famous Imam from Sheikh Nasser Al Qatami, Abdul Basit and Al Hosary And Mashari Rashid Al-Afasy, Hazaa Al-Balushi, Muhammad Refaat, and more. VMuslim prayer times program contains the comprehensive interpretation of each surah of the Holy Qur’an from the beginning of the book and Surat Al-Baqarah to Surat Al-Nas, the last surah in the Qur’an.

Azkar and Doaa: The application includes the most beautiful Islamic azkar from morning and evening doaa, sleep azkar, doaa after prayer, Islamic passages for sheikhs and chants with remembrances. It also includes books of the Muslim fortress, Islamic supplications pictures and da'wah clips, and you can.

Islamic stories: The application includes clips of the most beautiful Islamic stories for children and adults, stories of the prophets in Islam , life stories of followers stories from the life and biography of the prophit Mohamed of God, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Hadith:The application contains carefully selected hadiths from Sahih al-Bukhari - and Sahih Muslim - Sunan Abu Dawud and other most important authentic hadith

Qiblah: Vmuslim enables you to determine the direction of the qiblah from anywhere in the world using the location towards Mecca and the Kaaba, so if you are in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Canada, America or any country in the world, you can depends on us to getting the right direction for the Qiblah.

Mosques and restaurants: Through the integrated Islamic program you can get to know the nearest mosques and know the times of each prayer and the route to each mosque, and you can also find out the nearest restaurants that offer halal food according to Islam wherever you are.

Calendar: We have an integrated result of the Hijri calendar and the Gregorian calendar for all Islamic occasions from the Hijri New Year, the arrival of Ramadan, Ashura, the Prophet's birthday, and others.

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