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Learn life of the Messenger saws - prayer, ablutions, Quizz, Quran Mushaf and MP3 Download Bilal Muezzin - Islam - Sunna Apk in Apps Lifestyle

Discover the new Bilal Muezzin mobile application (App without advertising) designed by and for Muslims and be accompanied for your learning of the Koran and the Sunnah from our beloved Prophet (sas) while benefiting from a reminder of the fundamental principles of our beautiful religion in all simplicity!
Also take advantage of our services to pray in peace thanks to:

- Learn prayer and ablution with their rules according to the Koran and Sunnah
- A compass to find the exact direction of the Qibla
- A module to know the prayer times wherever you are.
- The Koran in mushaf for reading and streaming for continuous listening
- Doas + AUDIO
- Names

Also follow daily and step by step the progress of RAMADAN 2018 and take advantage of all the tools described below thanks to functionalities with clean graphics and intuitive and innovative ergonomics


- Prayer times ...
- Compass ...
- Geolocation (1) ...
- Mosques ...
- Audio Quran ...
- Halal ...
- Sunnah ...
- Islam ...
- The 5 pillars of Islam ...
- The Names of Allah ...
- Doas ...
- Application and audio Quran translated into French, Deutsch, English, Español, ...


- (Geolocation + UOIF, MWL calculation methods, etc. + automatic settings.
- Do not hesitate to give us your feedback, thanks to the feedback present in the application. We will respond as soon as possible.

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According to Abu Huraira, the Prophet (sas) said: "He who calls for good will have the reward of those who follow him, without their (respective) rewards being diminished" ...

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Bilal Muezzin is a fun and innovative mobile application offering services for Muslims regarding prayer times, content on the five pillars of Islam explaining the double attestation (Chahada), how to do salah as well as prayer times, how to do ablution in Islam, how to pour legal alms (Zakat), content on Ramadan, on Ramadan times and how to perform Islamic fasting, on Hajj and Ummah, a compass indicating the direction of Mecca (Qibla), the Koran to read and / or listen, verse by verse or from the Mushaf, an overview of the Names of Allah and the genealogy of the Noble Prophets of Adam (as) until Prophet Muhammad (sas).

Bilal Muezzin provides you with all the modern tools to know the Muslim prayer times, Ramadan times, a precise and fluid compass indicating the direction of the Qibla as well as a special file covering the five pillars of Islam including the Hajj. There is also a tab with invocations from the Prophetic tradition and a directory of addresses for Halal restoration points wherever you are.

Designed to meet the expectations of Muslims around the world, Bilal Muezzin was born from the desire to provide the necessary tools to promote the development of a population wishing to combine modernity and ancestral traditions.

Designed to accompany the individual on a daily basis, Bilal Muezzin is the ideal partner in any situation to facilitate the spiritual process of believers aspiring to propagate the good by the accomplishment of good works, for the benefit of the whole community. society.

Because the world is moving forward, Bilal Muezzin is the answer to the questions we all need to ask ourselves.

Fraternally your ...

Bilal Muezzin

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What is new in version 2.0.36

Paix et bénédiction!
Bilal Muezzin est fière de vous annoncer qu'une mise à jour de son application est désormais disponible sur le store.
La mise à jour contient le nouveau module mosquée & correction d'anomalies mineures.
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