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Advanced sports stopwatch designed for track running with speed and lap targets Download Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer Apk in Apps Health & Fitness

Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer was designed for runners & racers but has matured over the last 10 years to be the stopwatch of choice for many more. Time-proven accuracy, robust design, advanced features yet simple! Trust Stopwatch X with your time!

Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer is big & easy to use whilst having advanced features such as countdown to start, multiple timers, lap speed calculation, lap time targets with countdown, auto-scaling/adjustable text, side button operation and stopwatch statistics.
This free timer app also has a large landscape view with huge buttons and numbers.

Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer has received praise from athletes, engineers, race coordinators and motorsport professionals for reliability, features and a big, clear, simple, easy to use user interface. It has a unique stopwatch feature of five separate recorded stopwatch views so that lap time, split time and statistics, speed and target lap time can be shown separately in large clear numbers. Speed calcualtion can be made made as metres per second (m/s), kilometres per hour (km/h), minutes per kilometre (min/km), minutes per mile (min/mi), miles per hour (mph), feet per second (f/s) and knot (kn). Distance can be set as metres (m), kilometres (km), miles (mi), feet (ft) or nautical mile (NM / NMI).

Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer is accurate to 1/1000th of a second, can handle 999+ laps and can run beyond 999 hrs. This stopwatch/ lap timer is one of the few timers available for android that has current lap time, configurable main display, seconds precision and max time duration beyond 999 hours. Stopwatch X can be operated via the device buttons and large display can be locked whilst running to avoid accidental touch events.

As a multi-timer, a maximum of 20 concurrent timers can be running at once. 4 timers are available in the free version, the remainder can be purchased via in-app upgrade purchase for a small charge.
The stopwatch black and white display is large and clear even in bright sunlight, a very important consideration for sports timing such as running, jogging, sailing, cycling and team games.
This Stopwatch was designed as a track timer for runners and athletes & joggers. It has proved to be ideal for many other timing scenarios such as cooking or as a professional session timer.

Stopwatch Features
✔️ Total / elapsed time
✔️ Current lap time + option show as primary display text
✔️ Lap time - configurable text size
✔️ Split time - configurable text size
✔️ Clock time
✔️ Speed & distance calculations in multiple formats
✔️ Average time
✔️ Configurable display & text size
✔️ Configurable precision
✔️ 1 sec, 1/10 1/100 & 1/1000 second accuracy
✔️ 999+ hours duration
✔️ Huge portrait view
✔️ Detailed landscape view
✔️ High contrast timer with large numbers
✔️ Material design
✔️ Button activated by first touch for accuracy... not a full press.
✔️ Delayed start with countdown
✔️ Configure a target lap time for deviation & countown feature.
✔️ Configure lap distance for speed calculations ( 9 formats) & session distance ( 5 formats).
✔️ Multi-timer with up to 20 concurrent sessions with editable names
✔️ Screen lock feature with side button control
✔️ Data export to email, social media and other formats
✔️ Commit lap time after timer has stopped
✔️ Option to auto lap on stop

Available distance formats
✔️ m, km, mi, ft, NM/NMI

Available speed formats
✔️ m/s , km/s, min/km, min/km metric, min/mi, min/mi metric, mph, ft/s, kn( knot).

Available language formats
✔️ English, Spanish, Portugeuse, German, French, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese.

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