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✴Instrumentation engineering is the branch of engineering that specializes on the principle and operation of measuring instruments that are used in fields of design, configuration of automated systems in electrical, pneumatic domains, link Link is Here
❰ Nature of work of an instrumentation engineer range from designing, developing, installing, managing equipments that are used to monitor and control machinery. Instruments at home and elsewhere is only because of the science of instrumentation. ❱
►The App is primarily intended to cover all necessary topics of instrumentation and measurement for students of Instrumentation & Control Engineering & can also serve as a reference for engineers and practitioners to expand or refresh their knowledge in this link Link is Here
►This Application is a valuable resource for engineers, physicists, scientists, students, research workers & electrical link Link is Here

【Few Important Topics covered in this App are Listed Below】

⇢ Introduction
⇢ The Zener Diode
⇢ Saybolt Viscometer
⇢ Electrical Humidity Sensing Absorption Hydrometer
⇢ Hair Hydrometer
⇢ Strain Gauge Accelerometer
⇢ Seismic – Displacement Sensing Accelerometer
⇢ Laser Doppler anemometer
⇢ Turbine Type Anemometer
⇢ Instruments used to measure angular velocity
⇢ Spiral bimetallic thermometer
⇢ Bimetallic Strip
⇢ Bimetallic Thermometer
⇢ Classification of Bridges
⇢ Fluorescent Screen of CRT
⇢ Introduction to Correction calibration
⇢ Cascade Control System
⇢ Time base generator
⇢ Cathode Ray Tube - Deflection system
⇢ CRT - Electron Gun
⇢ What is Cathode Ray oscilloscope?
⇢ Resistors and Types of Resistors
⇢ Ratio Control System
⇢ Automatic Control Systems
⇢ Fluorescent Screen of CRT
⇢ Data acquisition system
⇢ Distributed control system:
⇢ Dew Point Meter
⇢ Elastic diaphragm gauges
⇢ Devices used to measure dimensions
⇢ Hot Wire Anemometer (Thermal Method)
⇢ Turbine Type Anemometer
⇢ Piezoelectric Transducer
⇢ Torque Equation for PMMC
⇢ How to select a Transducer ?
⇢ Time base generator
⇢ Temperature compensation and Error in PMMC
⇢ Permanent magnet moving coil instruments (PMMC)
⇢ Pirani gauge – A Thermal conductivity Gauge
⇢ Pressure Measuring Instruments
⇢ McLeod Vacuum Gauge
⇢ Strain Gauge Pressure Cell
⇢ Elastic diaphragm gauges
⇢ Bourdon tube Pressure Gauge
⇢ Dead Weight Tester
⇢ Pressure Measurement Devices
⇢ Helix Bimetallic Thermometer
⇢ Laws of thermoelectricity
⇢ How to Measure Flow using Magnetic Flow Meter
⇢ U-tube Manometer
⇢ Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
⇢ What is Cathode Ray oscilloscope?
⇢ How to Measure Flow Using Orifice Meter
⇢ What is a Pitot Tube or Total Pressure Probe
⇢ A Complete Note on Difference between Labview, PLC and DCS
⇢ Programmable Logic Controller - PLC
⇢ Torque Equation for PMMC
⇢ Temperature compensation and Error in PMMC:
⇢ Permanent magnet moving coil instruments
⇢ Sling Psychrometer
⇢ Ratio Control System
⇢ D.C Tachogenerators
⇢ Strain Gauge Accelerometer
⇢ Load cell - A Simple Device to Measure Weight
⇢ Surface Preparation and bonding techniques
⇢ Measurement of Strain
⇢ Surface Preparation and bonding techniques
⇢ Bonded Strain Gauges
⇢ Unbonded Strain Gauges
⇢ Load cell and Load cell Types
⇢ Temperature Measurement using thermocouple
⇢ Explanation of Thermocouple with Circuit
⇢ Time base generator
⇢ Electrical Torsion Meter
⇢ Optical Torsion meter
⇢ Mechanical Torsion Meter
⇢ Simple Instrument Model
⇢ Operational Modes of Instrumentation
⇢ Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Instrumentation
⇢ Static Characteristics of Instrument Systems
⇢ Dynamic Characteristics of Instrument Systems
⇢ Calibration of Measurements

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