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Fun Thanksgiving game to play with your family and friends Download Password Game Show Mod in Games Word

Looking for a fun game for your Thanksgiving Dinner ?
Password Game is the fun and hilarious group game. The goal of the game Password is to get your partner to guess the password by giving him a one-word and only one-word clue.

Password Game Major Features

• More than 1,000 + passwords
• Play offline with 4 friends or hundreds of them
• Change the number of rounds
• Play and keep score in team mode
• Fun for all ages
• Free word game to play
• The game doesn't need wifi

Password Game Rules & How to play it

Divide yourself into 2 teams Team A and Team B.

In each round, one of the members from each team will be given a password. The objective of the game is to make your partner guess the word by giving only a one-word clue and one word only.

If your partner guesses the password, then your team wins the points of the round.

If your partner doesn’t get the password, then it's the other team’s turn. If their team gets the password, they get the points.

If the other team also doesn’t get the word you get another try. So this goes on 3 times till someone gets the password and then the next rounds start. At the end of all the rounds, the team with the maximum points wins the game.

Tip:- You can use your opponent’s word and combine it with your word to make it easier for your partner to guess.

How do the points work?

Every time a team doesn’t get the password the points to be won reduces. So you can win 6 points by getting the password in the first try, 4 points on getting it in the second try and 2 points for getting the password in the third try.

Rules for Clues

1. All Clues must be single
2. Clues cannot be proper nouns
3. No part or form of the word may be used in the clue
4. Don't confuse it with Charades okay? Gestures are not allowed although players may use facial expression or voice inflections.

Are you tired of looking for group games online to make your night more happening?
Then look no further, download this party game and become a party master.

This is a great indoor party game for all kinds of parties. Be it a birthday party, engagement party, wedding party, kitty party or an office party you can play this game everywhere.

Password is similar to the game Catchphrase in the sense that you have to make your partner guess the word but you are restricted to only a single word. Whereas in the case of catch phrase you are free to use your actions and words the way you want.

Have you ever invited your friends to your house and felt that you don't have an easy fun game to play with them? You keep searching for group games online but you can't find any. Then look no further, Password Game is just the game for you. Now you can keep your heads up and get this crazy word party started.

This product is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Hasbro or the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or with The Password NBC Game Show and should not be confused with their product, Password.

Download Password Game Show Mod

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