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Exercises for pregnant women: safe pregnancy workouts for each trimester at home Download Pregnancy Workouts pro in Apps Health & Fitness

You know working out while pregnant is important. You also know you may need to modify your normal routine. In this app, we offer up safe exercises specific to your trimester.

Safe exercises for all trimesters
Safe pregnancy workouts can actually minimize many of the most common symptoms and side effects of pregnancy. That’s good for you and good for your baby. But what exactly are safe pregnancy workouts? In this app we've put together the best safe pregnancy workouts to keep you fit, happy and healthy while expecting.

Yoga during pregnancy; prenatal yoga poses for each trimester
Want a great preparation for the day your baby arrives? Try yoga. Yoga can help improve flexibility, focus, your ability to breathe through muscle contraction, and your ability to relax when under stress—all useful skills to have during labor.

Pilates for Pregnancy
Prenatal Pilates for moms-to-be is a great way to stay in shape during the coming pregnancy months. Pilates’ main focus is on strengthening your core. This makes it an ideal safe pregnancy workout that will also prepare you for the delivery room. Additionally, strengthening your core can reduce back pain, improve your flexibility, and help you maintain your posture as your belly expands.

Pelvic Floor exercises
Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, helping to prevent the urinary incontinence that's common after childbirth. Our pelvic floor workout is designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles, help to relieve pressure from the area and stop urinary incontinence. Not only is it mentioned in the safe pregnancy workouts list but also speeds up the postpartum recovery phase.

Pregnancy Ball Exercises for Expecting Moms
Get a low-impact and beneficial workout with nothing but an exercise ball.
Whether you call it an exercise ball, stability ball, Swiss ball, balance ball, or birthing ball, there are plenty of pregnancy ball exercises you can do at home with this simple and inexpensive piece of equipment. Exercise balls offer pregnant women a chance to strengthen their back, lower body, and core muscles, as well as aid in physical relief from general pregnancy physical woes. Try our exercise ball moves to strengthen and stretch your full body.

Beginner Home Bodyweight Workouts for Pregnant Women
You don't need any equipment for our yoga, stretching and strength workouts, and all can be done from home.

4 Week Pregnancy Workout Plan
We added +10 workout programs you can safely do at home to stay fit during pregnancy. Quick and easy workouts to help you reduce weight gain.

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