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Dua & Azkar and masnoon duain is the most authentic Islamic app for Muslims Download Dua and Azkar : اذكار الصباح و Apk in Apps Lifestyle

Dua & Azkar( دعا ازکار) is an Islamic app that provides Islamic duas, Islamic wazaif (وازيف الاسلامية) and masnoon duain. This Dua and Azkar app (hisnul muslim) containing daily supplication (روزانہ کی دعا) and Qurani duas for Muslim. The concept of masnoon duain and wazaif is drawn from Quran e Pak and Holy Hadith. Islamic wazaef and Islamic duain are special doas that are considered powerful and blessing for the Muslims. This dua & Ziker app is a collection of 100+ Qurani masnoon duain and Islamic zikar Azkar ( أذكار ‎ذِكْر). If you are searching for Islamic apps and masnoon duain (مسنون دعائیں) then this is the best Islamic dua and Azkar app for you. Muslims should recite zikar Azkar and Dua & Zikr for health, Dua before going to sleep, dua for waking up (دعاء الصباح), dua before eating, dua for exam, dua for sick peoples, duain for success and supplication for hajj and umrah (صلاة الحج والعمرة)etc. Read dua and wazaif in morning and evening (اذكار الصباح والمساء) with Arabic and Urdu Translations. This Daily doa app and Dua & Askar has a clear and easy Arabic and Urdu text for reading.

Dua and Azkar: Subah Sham ke Azkar ( أذكار الصباح والمساء) is one of the most authentic Islamic dua app for Muslims. This Daily supplication and morning-evening zikar Azkar app (صبح شام کے اذکار ) play a very important role in your life, it protects you. This Dua & Zikr : Masnoon Duain app contains Aytal Kurshi (آية الكرسي ) and Sleeping Azkar, Sonay ki Doa which is the best bedtime supplication for you and protects yourself. This Islamic zikr Azkar (ذكر - أذكار) app contains Black magic Jadu ki Duain (جادو کی دعا) and complete Islamic wazaif (وازيف الاسلامية) for those peoples who have the problems due to black magic and kala Jadu. Dua & azkar (hisnul muslim) is a complete combination of different supplication like Hajat ki Dua, Nazar e bad ki dua ( نظر بد کی دعا), Haaj umrah ki Duain (حج و عمرہ کی دعا), Hajj and Umrah guidance, hifazat ki dua. Suba Sham ke Azkar (صبح شام کی دعائیں) provides Ayat e Shifa and Dua e Shifa which is the most powerful weapon for a believer. Shifa ke Dua and Ayat e Shifa (دعاء الشفاء) is the doa to overcome an illness.

Top Feature of Dua and Azkar : Masnoon Duain, Islamic App (التطبيق الإسلامي)

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