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A hex & counter wargame set in the year 1939, beginning of the second world war. Download Wargames of 1939 apk mod in Games Strategy

Did you grow up playing turn based hex strategy games on your computer during the 90s? Or perhaps you liked board wargames? We did. This game is a retro style modern tribute to the spirit of those wonderful hex & dice unit shufflers. If you like turn based military strategy, this game is for you!

The game features initially 7 scenarios, set in the early days of the second world war, when the Nazi Germany launched a full-scale attack against Poland. The Polish army, fighting without allies upheld against the invasion for 2 months but was eventually defeated by the third reich. In this game, the scenarios depict various key battles of the war, ranging from the initial border warfare to the siege of Warsaw.

Fans of hardcore hex strategy games might enjoy the fact that the game has actual World War II era German and Polish combat vehicles and armament, supply line mechanics, artillery counter attacks, maps based on the actual historical battles, and so forth. (Some liberties have been taken in interpreting few of the details, to make the game more entertaining. But we've tried to be as close to the course of events as possible.)

You can play either solo against the AI, or play multiplayer by passing the device between players after each turn. Network multiplayer is not currently supported. The single player game is played from the axis perspective; multiplayer has one player playing the German side and the other Polish side.

In case you'd like to play a quite similar type of a game set in ancient times, you might want to try out our Populus Romanus series also. It has a somewhat similar kind of tactics but in a Roman setting instead of modern times.

Download Wargames of 1939 apk mod

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What is new in version 1.2.0

- Improve difficulty settings of 2nd campaign
- Stability improvements

- Make the Polish side playable by the player (EXPERIMENTAL)
- Fix bug where AI could attack after reinforcing a unit
- Slightly reduce defensive strength of bunkers
- Reduce attack, defense and range of armoured trains

- New setting: strict supply routes (defines whether units can only be reinforced when you control all the terrain between supply point and unit, or if neutral territory is also allowed)