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Collect food items & trade resources in unique island food survival activities. Download Dishtionary - Survifood Island apk mod in Games Simulation

How good are your survivor adventure gaming skills? Can you survive on the ananas island under the Trash panda ruler? Perform 5 unique food survival activities and find food games that help you collect food items. Trade resources to get more rewards and upgrade your level in the idle mining world. Perform idle mining, fishing, tree wood cutting, livestock rearing, farming and more. Become a business tycoon and trade resources to get rich in this survival simulator. Stranded on the food-rich Ananas Island, William, who wants to take the bed of Timor the "Trash Panda", must work under Timor's orders to build a comfortable home for the two of them. William will collect food ingredients in this farming RPG by means of Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming and Breeding to then be sold to traders on Ananas Island. Build a house and get rich as you move from one quest to the next one. Explore a world where anything can be eaten!
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Food Survival Simulator in Ananas Island
Are you ready to face the ultimate survival simulator challenges? Explore and find food games designed to help you survive in the ananas island. Play various food survival games such as farming RPG, idle mining, tree wood cutting, fishing, livestock rearing and more. Collect and trade resources to unlock new rewards, skill upgrades and quests across the map.

Upgrade Your Level and Unlock New Skills
Become a business tycoon and get rich in this food survivor adventure. Unlock cool new skills and upgrade your level based on your performance. Build a house using your rewards and use your resources to the best of your interest. Join world challenges and unlock cool new quests to keep moving forward at various destinations on the island.

Find Food Games At Various Levels On Map
If you are a fan of food hunting, this amazing survival simulator is the perfect pick for you. Play different food collection activities and unlock cool new rewards. Gather resources and level up on the world map. Upgrade your profile level and unlock cool new adventures.

Upgrade Your Skills for More Rewards
Unlock cool new power ups designed to increase your performance. Be it gathering wood or food items from livestock, you can use various power upgrades to boost your performance. Collect as many rewards as you can and score more points to upgrade your performance.

Features of Dishtionary – Survifood Island Survival
• Simple and easy to play food survival game UI/UX
• Find food games such as idle mining, wood cutting, livestock rearing and farming RPG
• Collect and trade resources to get rich and become a business tycoon
• Play 5 Fun Grinding Mechanics in interesting survivor adventure
• Survival simulator with Unique Breeding Mechanic
• Captivating and Interesting Visual Art in Fascinating world
• Tons of Upgrades that makes you cooler than ever!
• 12 Skills that makes your Grinding easier
• Build a house and strengthen your place in the survivor adventure world
• Join quests and explore various destinations on the map to find new food games
• Gather information about every resource on the in-app foodpedia

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Download Dishtionary - Survifood Island apk mod

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What is new in version

Version is OUT ! Thank you for all the players who gave us feedbacks, now the game is coming with even better interface ! Here are the Change Logs:
1. The Whole Interface is new ! Clean and Sleek Interface now.
2. New way to earn rupy other than Ads.
3. Fixed Bugs, Errors, Crash and User's Data Losses.
4. Now ads will always ready, so it will help you progress faster.