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Connect to Bluetooth GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou receivers, supports NTRIP/RTK. Download Bluetooth GNSS - GPS, Galileo, pro in Apps Maps & Navigation

Use accurate satellite positioning from powerful external Bluetooth GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou receivers instead of the less powerful internal A-GPS of phones/tablets - for better location accuracy with your favorite Maps and Navigation apps like Google Maps, etc.

Supports Android 11 (tested on Samsung S21).

You must first get an external Bluetooth GNSS/GPS device like the EcoDroidGPS ( link Link is Here , HOLUX, Garmin GLO, etc to use with this app, which is free and open-source software.

If your Bluetooth GNSS/GPS device supports RTK, this app also supports overlay of NTRIP server data streams for professional RTK positioning (centimeter-level accuracy - depends on device).

This app supports showing 'Accuracy' estimates from the U-Blox 'PUBX' accuracy messages, instead of the commonly used 'HDOP x CEP' method. This PUBX accuracy reading exactly matches as is the same source of the 'Accuracy' as shown in U-Center PC tool when connected directly to the M8030 (EcoDroidGPS) or ZED-F9P (EcoDroidGPS + ArduSimple) devices via USB.

How to test if your target app uses the mock location from this app or not: during a connection, create a file named 'bt_gnss_test_debug_mock_location_1_1_mode_flag' in internal storage (adb command: touch /sdcard/bt_gnss_test_debug_mock_location_1_1_mode_flag ) and see if your target app now shows lat as 1.0 and lon as 1.0 or not, remove/delete the file to resume using real lat lon from connected bluetooth device.

Download Bluetooth GNSS - GPS, Galileo, pro

You Can Download Bluetooth GNSS - GPS, Galileo, pro from this links :

android Download APK v1.0.39 Direct shop Get on Google Play update Versions valiables

What is new in version 1.0.39

- try support more ntrip variants
- updated new flutter sdk
- apply QZSS info patch from Peter Mousley
- apply course 'no data' fix patch from Peter Mousley
- fixed n sats in view count not omitting dup sat ids, thanks to geoff
peck for spotting this
- added wakelock if bt connected, handle ublox F9 multi freq GSV sat
counts, thanks to geoff peck for his observation and and peter
mousley his solution