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Seamless integration between Windows PC and Android devices Download TC Total Control-Multi Control Apk in Apps Tools

Total Control projecting the screen and audio of multiple Android devices to PC, control up to 100 devices simultaneously by using mouse, keyboard and voice, or select any one Android device to control multiple devices. Support object/coordinate synchronization, script automation. It is widely used in centralized customer service system, application testing, controlling smart device applications, etc.

The Main Function:
● Project multiple Android device screens and audio to PC.
● Support Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet connection.
● Record device screen and sound.
● PC control Android devices: Supported PC's keyboard, mouse, screen and microphone control 1 to 100 Android devices.
● Android device control: Use a device connected to Total Control to control multiple devices.
● Screen projection of up to 60 frames per second with low latency.
● Object-based (UI elements) to replace coordinate-based actions and retrieval.
● Notifications & SMS - device notifications will pop up on the Windows screen where you can view and reply.
● Windows Desktop Mode: one window per device and Multi-Device Control Center*: watch multiple devices in actions at the same time.
● Included two rich set of APIS for scripting: JavaScript and REST API. Can either use 200+ included API or expand additional APIS with ease.
● Included AAIS (simple commands to automate). Object-based capture and replay generate AAIS.
● New keyboard in the Android device allows you to use the native Windows language and native Windows input method to enter text in Android devices.
● Take screenshots and unlimited video recordings (can cut into segments of certain duration).
● Reliable batch transfers of files from Windows to devices. Compatible with older devices as well as newer, faster ones.

Key Features: 
● AAIS: Simple language for simple automation. The script written in AAIS can be run on 100 devices concurrently.
● Included powerful queries language to extract information or perform actions on certain nodes.
● Offset: {query:"T:Model name&&OX:1", action:"getText"} will obtain the model name of the device. OY/OX: will move forward or backward (negative value) to locate a node.
● Scroll to find: Can scroll until a query is found {query:"T:John", preAction:"scrollToView", action:"click"} will scroll until John is found and click on John.
● Line Mode: "LT" or "LB" for top/bottom line mode. {query:"LB:-1&&T:Chats&&OY:-1", action:"click"} will find the text on the last line of the screen, locate "Chats", move up one node (Chats icon) and click.
● Template: Provided template to limit the search. For instance: {query:"TP:textInput", action:"setText('Hello')"} will search for text field, type Hello on the first input field.
● You can compost multiple actions to accomplish a task: {query:"TP:textInput&&T:Type a message", actions:["setText(Hello)", "addQuery(OX:2)", "click"]}, this will enter "Hello" in the text field with hint of "Type a message", move right 2 nodes, click to send the message.
● With object-based turn on in MDCC, click on "OK" on the main device, it will send {query:"T:OK"} instead of coordinates to all selected devices. Object-based synchronization will work on devices with different resolutions and screen sizes.
● See "FindNode User Guide" for more information: link Link is Here

AAIS Example: Open Skype, scroll to search John, send text and back to main chats screen.

open "Skype"
wait "Favorites"
print "Skype is started"
find "John"
click "John"
text "Hello, John"
//Send button is second nodes from text field
click "TP:textInput&&OX:2"
//First back dismiss keyboard, second back go back to main screen
press Back
press Back
print "Done"

Learn more: link Link is Here

● Suitable Model: Windows 7 and above / Android 4.4 and above
● Website: link Link is Here
● Seek Technical Support: support@ link Link is Here
● Product Cstomization or Bulk Discounts: sales@ link Link is Here

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