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Download Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al Hussary Full Quran mp3 offline app and enjoy the Holy Quran recitations of Mahmoud Khalil al hussary.

محمود خليل الحصري بدون نت

Application features:

- You can use other apps while listening to this Quran
- All 114 quran surahs available
- Control the speed of the recitation (faster or slower or normal)
- Read the Holy Quran offline

Biography of Al Hussary
Shaykh Mahmoud Khalil al-Hussary (Arabic: ٱلشِـيـْخ محمُود خَلِيـْل الْحُصـري‎), also known as Al-Hussary, was an Egyptian Qari widely acclaimed for his accurate recitation of the Qur'an. Al-Hussary committed the entire Qur'an to memory by age 8 and started reciting at public gatherings by age 12. In 1944, Al-Hussary won Egypt Radio's Qu'ran Recitation competition which had around 200 participants, including veterans like Muhammad Rifat. The quadrumvirate of El Minshawy, Abdul Basit, Mustafa Ismail, and Al-Hussary are generally considered the most important and famous Qurra' of modern times to have had an outsized impact on the Islamic world.

Early life
Mahmoud al hussary entered the Qur'an School at the age of four, and by age 8 (or by 11), he had already memorized the entire Qur'an. By age 11, he had enrolled for training at the acclaimed Ahmad al-Badawi mosque in Tanta. He later joined Al-Azhar University in Cairo and was conferred with diploma in al-Qira'at al-'Ashr (Arabic: القِـراءات العَـشر‎, link Link is Here ten recitations').

Alhussary moved to Cairo and joined Egypt's official Qur'an radio station as a reciter making his first appearance on February 16, 1944. Just a year later, in 1945, al-Hussary was appointed reciter at the Ahmad al-Badawi mosque. On August 7, 1948, he was nominated mu'adhin (prayer caller) of the Sidi Hamza Mosque and later, a Muqri (Arabic: مُقْرِئْ‎, link Link is Here at the same mosque. He also supervised recitation centers in the al-Gharbia province. Though a conflicting report claims he served at the Ahmad al-Badawi mosque for 10 straight years.

In 1955, he was appointed to the Al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo and remained in-service there for 29 years, until his death.

At Al-Azhar
After returning to Cairo, al-Hussary studied and taught at Al-Azhar link Link is Here In 1960, he led the department of al-Hadith bi Jam'i al-Buhuts al-Islamiyah (Arabic: الحدِيث ٱلبِجامِع البحوث الإسـلامـية‎) for correcting Quranic codexes present in the al-Azhar libraries.

As one of the four top-ranking reciters in Egypt, he recorded the complete Quranic text in both styles of recitation, murattal (tarteel) and mujawwad (tajwid) and was, in fact, first-ever Qari to record and broadcast the murattal style. He recorded and wrote treatises on various Qur'an recital styles: Ḥafs ʿan ʿĀṣim in 1961, Warsh ʿan Nāfiʾ in 1964, Qālān ʿan Nâfi’ and ad-Dūrī ʿan Abi ʿAmr in 1968. In the same year, he recorded the Qu'ran in Al-Mushaf Al-Mu’allim (Arabic: المصحف المُعلّيم‎, link Link is Here Qur'an') style, a tarteel technique with exclusive focus on pedagogy.

Al-Hussary authored 12 books on Qur'anic sciences in a bid to end corruption of both the text and the recitation styles.

Recognition and awards:
In 1944, Al-Hussary won Egypt Radio's Qu'ran Recitation competition which had around 200 participants, among them some veterans like Muhammad Rifat, Ali Mahmud, and Abd Al-Fattah Ash-Sha'sha'i.

Al-Azhar awarded him the title Shaykh al-Maqāriʾ (Arabic: ٱلشـيخ المقأرِئ‎, link Link is Here of the Reciting Schools') in 1957. He was also appointed to the board of Islamic research on Hadith and the Qur'an at Al-Azhar.

Khalil al-hussary was a recipient of the Egyptian Medal of Honour for Arts and Sciences, First Grade, from the Egyptian president Gamal 'Abd Al-Nasir, in 1967. The same year, he was elected the President of the Islamic World League of Qur'an Reciters. Download this app to listen the hussary full quran offline

Download al hussary full quran offline Apk

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