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War in a turn-based strategy with battles for castles and territorial conquests! Download Rivalry of Empires Mod in Games Strategy

Rivalry of Empires game - 2021 online turn based strategy game! Meet - the kingdom and civilization, battles and wars, castles and empires, conquests and kings, guilds of the ancient world and all this in steam-punk style!
The great king died and left the kingdom to two sons. The brothers jointly ruled their father's empire, protecting its borders from external threats and maintaining peace and order within the kingdom. The empire flourished and progressed and eventually the steam engine was invented, and along with it scientists learned to produce electricity from the energy of steam. Where there is progress, there is also a desire to autocratically possess all the gifts of such progress. One of the brothers - the king of the north - became obsessed with the possibilities of the energy of steam and wanted to rule the entire kingdom all by himself. He began to conduct unthinkable experiments, which resulted in the resurrection of dead soldiers. Whole armies of the ruthless Fallen were at the disposal of the northern king. At their head, the northern king attacked the southern lands, but received a powerful rebuff and fell on the battlefield at the hands of his brother - the southern king. The Army of the Fallen fled with the body of their ruler. Although he repulsed his brother's attack, the southern king was mortally wounded in the battle and didn't survive the night. Dying, he bequeathed to the faithful lords of the North and South to develop steam technologies in order to successfully fight the escaped Fallen and urged them to be on guard, remembering the Fallen's thirst for power and revenge. The dying king bequeathed them to wage war in alliances, since such a strategy is more effective than solitary battles. Time passed, alliances appeared and disappeared, rulers came and went. Now there is a war for the thrones of kings.
It is with these perspectives that the gamer enters the online strategy Rivalry of Empires.
The player can choose the alliance he wants to join or create his own. The gamer is accompanied by an assistant who introduces him to the empire, gives him valuable advice and keeps him up to date. And there are a lot of things to do in the kingdom - improve and finish building the castle and its infrastructure (hospitals, farms, sawmills, stables, and other useful buildings), manage the army, collect crops and timber, develop army skills, attack the Fallen, smash deserters, heal wounded soldiers, spy, create new equipment, produce ammunition and develop skills for the lord. All this and much more is included in the mandatory daily tasks or carried out by additional tasks, for which the player receives game bonuses and prizes.
The game map is abound with just about everything - there are castles of the Fallen, camps of the deserters, castles of comrades-in-arms and enemies, useful resources, farms, quarries, industrial buildings.
Rivalry of Empires is a fun turn-based online strategy game set in a full-scale battle for the throne. An empire in which the conquest and defense of territories are the primary goals. A war in which the entire civilization of the game is involved. A kingdom where the king is primarily a military leader fighting for the throne. The land of steam engines and glorious conquests. A global ancient world, where war and battle, defense and conquests of territories, majestic castles and military empires, opposing guilds are the way of everyday life.
Briefly about the main points of the game Rivalry of Empires:
• strategy - think before doing
• turn-based - develop yourself and become stronger
• online - live communication with alliance members, act together
• win battles to win the war for the throne
• develop your kingdom so as not to lose
• the game is free, but has the possibility of in-app purchases for explosive progress and unique options

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What is new in version

In update we have improved!
1. Game chat
2. Added notifications about cooperatives
3. New event Enraged King of the Fallen.
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