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= Game introduction =
"Destiny RPG" is a MMORPG mobile game, role -playing, large multiplayer battle games, immortal game, root playing game online, online RPG games, online PVP action game.
This is a Fantasy world. Players will play a "Dragon Guard" here to defend the Destiny world

= Contact us =
-Facebook: Destiny RPG (You can contact the official account to apply for a reward !!!)
- customer service contact mailbox: uliangkj@ link Link is Here

== Game Features ==
-The global server
Players from more than 100 regions around the world player here. Players can compete with each other, you can make friends to form a legion, challenge different bosses and real dragons

-Guardian system
Players can have a little angel and little demon. The angel provides huge additional combat effectiveness and damage reduction ability. The little devil can increase the experience of killing monsters by 50%.

-The top equipment system
Equipment will be one of the most effective items to increase combat effectiveness. Equipment such as wings and weapons can be obtained through BOSS challenges and dark dragons, or you can build your heart through forging books.

- Cross server battle system
The soldiers can join the guild and gather with other players. Release your enthusiasm for PK in a huge map. Become the most respected soldier in the world.

-Anting system
You can tame multiple epic mounts. The mount will accompany the player to cross infinite darkness and resist different challenges.

= Game World View =
The story of "Destiny RPG" starts from the Destiny continent. Everything originated from the dragon's breath. It was born between the real dragons of the universe's flood and the creation of all things. True Dragon Yongmian, guarding the Destiny continent, can only awaken the sleeping real dragon only with extreme darkness and chaos.
But at the beginning of Shin Long's sleep, the wisdom life that had given dragons to a very small number of Destiny continent was given. These people who have passed down from generation to generation will assist the hero of Zhenlong's reincarnation, and they are called "Dragon Guards".
Long Wei is a very talented person or creature in wisdom. Some of them have become followers of the Dark Dragon Caesar because of pursuing eternal life and extreme power. Organization, because they want to bring the night to the Destiny mainland, they are called "Yong Ye Army". The mission of the Dragon Guards is to crush the "Yong Ye Army" conspiracy and defend the dawn of the Destiny mainland.
The Dorland continent is the largest mainland of Destiny. On this vast land, human, orcs, dragons, elves, dwarfs and other races reproduce each other.
In the Destiny continent, there are vast forests, beautiful oasis, cold glaciers, hot volcanoes, deep dungeons, and other diverse style of landforms. Welcome to the Warriors to open their own sobbing gods here!

Download Destiny RPG -mmorpg GameOnline Mod

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