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Cop chase games. Police pursuit. Real street race. Run from cops. Cops & robbers Download Speed crime: Police pursuit Mod in Games Racing

High speed crime is a single player cops and robbers racing game where the player needs to escape a police chase, while avoiding obstacles and getting the maximum amount of points each run.

This chase game is perfect for lovers of speed and police pursuits, because it does not leave a second to think. Choose your race cars, pick up speed, collect bonuses and start racing from the police on the streets of famous cities in this cops and robbers game!

This is a fast-paced police pursuit game that comes with several key features.

Let’s cover them in detail!

Fast driving
In this police chase game, you play as a street racer that needs to escape his pursuers. Your car is the main tool you use to make sure the police don’t catch you.

To win in this cops and robbers escapade, you need to be attentive, careful and quick to react! This cop chase gameplay is really dynamic, forcing you to make decisions instantly, drive around your pursuers and avoid obstacles on the road.

Escape the cop chase, unlock new race cars and get back into a thrilling race on the new level! Unlock new cities,hone your driving skills and the police will never catch you!

Dynamic gameplay
Cop chases don’t let you relax even for a second. To win, you need to hone your driving skills, show exceptional concentration and properly invest the money you win.

Avoid obstacles, watch the traffic and don’t drop your guard – only then will your car be able to evade its pursuers in this police chase game!

The police are always ready to catch you, stay alert!

Unique roads
One of the main advantages of this racing game is a world filled with unique roads. These police chases take place in a world filled with content, with its own rules and other drivers.

This not only makes the cops and robbers game more dynamic, but also raises the difficulty. To win, you need to think several steps ahead. For example, your pursuers can place a barrier, and unless your car drives around it – the police will win.

Lots of levels
These aren’t just police chases, but a full-fledged world!

We focused not only on chase game events on the road, but also on the overall police chase game design. Each level is a new city that we designed based on real-life places.

In this driving game, your car will visit the centers of large cities, landmarks and other famous places. In addition to police pursuits, each level features a unique design that will make the chase extremely captivating.

Different race cars
A plethora of race cars will be at the player’s disposal. In order for you to succeed at this chase game, it’s crucial you unlock a new vehicle and learn to drive it.

This racing game offers you a variety of vehicles, and we hope that you will be able to pick up a vehicle to your liking.

Character customization
You can fully customize your character!

Unlock new playable characters and choose the racers that best suit your playstyle. In High Speed Crime, you can choose not only the race cars, but also the person who drives them.

Endless mode
Tired of police pursuits and want to just relax? Check out the endless mode and show other players who the real racing drifting master driver is in this police chase game!

In the endless mode, races without rules sparkle with new colors, after all, only here the player is not limited by neither levels nor special activities. All roads are randomly generated, and only the most skillful drivers will be able to take the top positions in the ranking.

In conclusion
Do you have a need for speed and police chases? Then this racing game is for you!
Join the ranks of drivers, learn how to control vehicles, unlock the best race cars and get away from the cop chase on the streets of famous cities in High Speed Crime!

Download Speed crime: Police pursuit Mod

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