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A Virtual World of Islam Download Muslim 3D Mod in Games Simulation

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Welcome to a brand-new & shiny Muslim 3D (formerly known as Mecca 3D).
We have redesigned the whole experience and will release new content and add new languages on a constant basis.

Please understand that this is still a demo. Visit our website and sign up to our newsletter to get regular updates on our development progress and upcoming pro features!

Enjoy & Peace be with you!

What is Muslim 3D?

Think of Muslim 3D as a living, virtual museum, or as a book that has come to life!

Imagine a peaceful place, filled with devoted people, engaged in a place of worship, reading Quran, praying or performing Tawaf.

Imagine traveling with a personal guide on an adventurous pilgrimage - a Virtual Hajj in Makkah! Or going back in time for a breathtaking history lesson.

This and much more is Muslim 3D - an interactive software program which takes you on a fantastic journey to a Virtual World of Islam!

Developed and Published by BIGITEC GmbH, based in Germany.
The team behind Muslim 3D is a mix of tech savvy, highly experienced developers & creative designers.
The content is authentic and supervised by accredited sources.

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Please note that this is just a limited demo edition. We are working on the full version with the following planned features (among others) to be released in Mid 2019:
- Hajj & Umrah Guide
- Prayer & Wudu' Guide (the ritual prayer & washing)
- Qibla Finder (Prayer direction using the internal compass)
- Prayer times with Athan
- Quran Media Player
- Extending the locations such as Safa & Marwa, Jabal Uhud, Muzdalifa, Mina, Jamarat etc.
- Ghar Hira' (the cave in which our Prophet Muhammad pbuh received the first revelation)
- Laylat Al Qadr (the Night of Power)
- Interior of the Kaaba
- Time travel to the past, for example to visit the house of house of the Prophet (pbuh) or to witness the construction of the Kaaba
- the Hijra from Mecca to Madina
- The farewell sermon of the Prophet (pbuh)
and many more

We look forward to your feedback via our website link Link is Here

Download Muslim 3D Mod

You Can Download Muslim 3D Mod from this links :

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What is new in version 1.5

Muslim 3D v1.5 DEMO Edition
- added info points with text + images at important objects & locations
- text now fully localized in German + English (more languages following soon)
- various